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Are you a fan of the new VOCALOID, Yuzuki Yukari? Then you are welcome here!

This is a fanclub for those who all enjoy Yukari's voice and design. Discuss with others, share artwork or cosplay drawn/done by yourself, but most of all have fun and spread the love!
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Nov 24, 2011


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377 Members
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This is a Vocaloid fanclub for VOCALOID Yuzuki Yukari. Welcome!

:music: - Who is Yuzuki Yukari? - :music:
Yuzuki Yukari is the first Vocaloid developed for Vocaloid3 by AH Software (the same company that made SF-A2 Miki, Kaai Yuki, Hiyama Kiyoteru and Nekomura Iroha) with Vocalomarkets (a group of 7 producers from Nico). She is also the first Vocaloid to also be sold as a Voiceroid. She was released on December 22, 2011.

More information to come out soon!

:music:- Rules -:music:
:bulletpurple: This is a Yuzuki Yukari fanclub for fans, not haters.
- This means to avoid any hating, trolling, vandalizing, and others that might cause too much havoc for the group.
:bulletpurple: Please submit to the correct folder.
- There is no limit to how much you can submit, but if you don't see your deviation submitted, feel free to contact us via comment/note.
:bulletpurple: This is a VOCALOID fanclub for Yuzuki Yukari, so please share things only related to the club.
- As long as Yukari in the picture/cosplay then it's fine! o u o~
:bulletpurple: Do NOT submit art that isn't yours!
- Stolen art is a NO. Just don't do it!
:bulletpurple: Feel free to notify us if there isn't a appropiate folder for the art you want to submit! <3
:bulletpurple: PLEASE. If you want to be a part or our administrators, SEND A NOTE to the group + a reason why.
- To join the group is auto-accept, but to be a part of the admins, YOU MUST SEND A NOTE. Only exception is if you were invited. Other than this, you will be demoted back into members. Sorry and thank you for your understanding! D:

:heart: Have fun and enjoy the club! :heart:

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untitled by fkntsu
Hey guys! Recently, while searching for more news to share on Yuzuki Yukari, I stumbled upon two fun applications that VOCALOMARKETS have on their website. Although I'm -extremely- late on this, the applications itself is very fun and cute that I thought you guys would enjoy too!

Quoted from Yuzuki Yukari's Wikia:
"Unveiled during an AH-Software broadcast on Ustream, VOCALOMAKETS has now added two online flash applications for making short snippets of songs with the Yuzuki Yukari voice bank to their website YuyuSequencer Plus and YuyuSequencer. Finished songs can be shared via Twitter, Facebook or mixi and they are transferred via a plain text format called “YuyuSeq Code”. An English interface is supposedly coming soon."

So let me -attempt- to clarify the difference of the two applications, shall I?

YuyuSequencer Plus
Google translated description:
■ The sound sequencer plus ※ YuiYukari will appear is on a two-part sequencer using the voice of "Yukari Mon result 3 VOCALOID ™".
There is "part chorus of Angels YuiYukari" can be and can be sung to the melody "solo part of Yukari", to sing the chorus of three chords.
In "sequencer plus YuiYukari", there are sharp and major code, minor code also.

My clarification: In YuyuSequencer Plus, it includes a piano to listen to the notes and can insert flats, sharp, major, and minor notes. If you play an instrument/know how to read music sheets, this should be easy for you to understand. However, this version is slightly complicated. I don't completely know how to use the side buttons yet, but feel free to play around with it!

Google translated description:
■ ※ YuiYukari sequencer sound comes out is a two-part sequencer using the voice of "Yukari result Mon 3 VOCALOID ™".
There is "part chorus of Angels YuiYukari" can be and can be sung to the melody "solo part of Yukari", to sing the chorus of three chords.
In "sequencer YuiYukari", and it has become a simplified version of the code not only simple input can be sharp.

My clarification: It's basically the same as Plus, only a much simpler version of it. The piano and flats/major/minor are not included. I haven't played with this one too much, so you'll have to play around yourself to figure out how to use it. It's almost the same as Plus though, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Be sure to read the overview because they really do help! And if you plan to upload/do something with what you made, please read the Guidelines! If you cannot read Japanese, I highly recommend you to just Google Translate the page. It may not be exactly correct, but at least you have a rough understanding of what every button does.

Now, remember as I only played around with the two applications a little bit, some of the information may be wrong. Therefore, if they are and you have proof of my mistake, please feel free to correct me! Otherwise, go ahead and enjoy trying it out!
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carlic12 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
is she a vocaliod?
UtauReni Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
YuzukiP Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
As soon as i get some inspiration (and some practice) i will start posting Yukari-chan drawings over this blog also i am trying to figure out how to make Yukari-chan 's voice to sound less robotic in some way a more like her exvoice samples...
JimbleIsLove Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Student General Artist

I am planning on cosplaying as Ms. Yukari and I was wondering is , is there any tips anyone wants to give me for her cosplay?
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where do i submit fanfiction?
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Since there wasn't a folder for it, I've made one now. Feel free to submit~ u v u~
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May I submit some images done with bases? I will credit the creator~
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To be honest, I'm not sure, nor do I want to make anything official without the other admins' say on this. Let me discuss this with the other admins for now, so it would be great if you don't for the mean time. u v u;
xXMai-MikixX Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Okay, I'll wait some time :3
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